The life of a ski bum

No matter where you choose to live in the mountains, you’ll probably spend more time on the slopes than you will working at a 9-5 job. If you’re planning on living as a full-time resident in the mountains, you’ll need to keep some extra skills handy to make it through the winter.

Free up time.

Whether you’re planning to spend your days snowboarding or relaxing by the fire, having a great snow removal plan and extra equipment will help you save time and money. By keeping your snow removal needs to a minimum, you’ll have more time to spend on other things you love. And the more you can do on your own, the more time you’ll have to spend doing things you love.

Live in the mountains.

If you like to be outside and enjoy the great outdoors, living in the mountains is the perfect lifestyle for you. Whether you work as a ski instructor or a snow removal expert, living in the mountains allows you to be closer to nature.

Become an expert on snow.

The perfect place to live if you love the snow is up in the mountains. After all, when you’re living off the grid and working on your snowboarding skills, you don’t want to be anywhere else! But if you’re looking for a more traditional lifestyle, living in the mountains isn’t always the best option. You’re more likely to have the perfect life if you live in a small town where you can walk to work and pick up supplies at the local grocery store.

Have a flexible schedule.

If you love to travel and meet new people, a ski bum lifestyle might be for you. You can choose to live in a remote mountain cabin or apartment. You’ll be able to travel to other ski resorts or travel the world. Plus, you’ll have the chance to work with some of the best skiers in the world.

Be comfortable in the outdoors.

Most of us have a dream of living the ski bum lifestyle, but are you cut out for it? Being an outdoor enthusiast is part of the lifestyle, but it’s not the only thing. For example, consider the lifestyle of a snowboarder. While snowboarding is a great outdoor activity, snowboarding isn’t the only thing they do. They also shop for groceries, pay bills, and plan activities with friends and family.

Spend time with loved ones.

If you love the mountains, you might want to consider a life as a ski bum. The idea of living in a cabin in the mountains and skiing whenever you want is the perfect lifestyle, especially if you have kids. A skier’s schedule is flexible, and you can spend time with your family whenever you want.

Challenge yourself.

If you are looking for a way to make a living as a skier, it is possible! After all, the mountains are full of people who are looking for part-time work. One of the easiest ways to make money as a skier, especially if you don’t want to work for a company, is to turn your love for skiing into a service business. There are plenty of ways to do this. One of the easiest ways is to offer lessons for people who are new to skiing. If you are an expert skier, you could offer to guide people on their first day on the slopes. You could also offer to clean and wax skiers’ skis.


The life of a full-time skier is not for everyone. But if you like the idea of living off the grid and enjoying the beauty of nature while you’re on the slopes, the life of a ski bum might be for you.

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